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Customer Assessment Tool

Can you please place a note on my clerical and LMS or other computer records that I do not consent ever, for CAT or any other consent based assessment technique to be used and or recorded onto any electronic medium, such as LMS or clerically.

Work Programme induction

Consider bringing copies of pages 2 and 3 of your Jobseekers Agreement (ES3JP) with you to any Work Programme induction or assessment, as it contains relevant answers to questions you will be asked and helps to limit how much information you give.

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Work Programme forms you do not need to sign

Withhold Consent

You can use this standard letter to ensure you clearly withhold or withdraw consent, secure your Data Protection rights and inform Providers or Subcontractors exactly what you expect of them.

Mandatory Activity Notification

When considering any of the suggestions on this website remember that when any Work Programme Provider wants you to undertake any activity or show or keep any personal info they do not already hold, on a mandatory basis, they must issue you with a MAN.

Jobsearch Activity

Many Work Programme providers make it mandatory to attend their premises to undertake supervised Jobsearch activity. If you have access to all the Jobsearch facilities the provider offers elsewhere write or speak (complain) to the provider stating you consider it unreasonable to make the activity mandatory. You also get access to free online cloud HR software to assist with your learning.

Are you a DWP Jobcentre Customer, on a Welfare to Work(fare) Programme or worried about a referral?

The Idea of Hiring Family and Friends Could Be Beneficial for Businesses

Hiring friends and family members can be beneficial for businesses for a number of reasons. Unlike hiring strangers, friends and family have a strong sense of loyalty and commitment to the job, which makes it easier for them to stay on for the long run. Furthermore, hiring friends and family members involves a lot less hassle than hiring a stranger. However, if done inappropriately, hiring family members could be problematic. Family members can develop toxic workplace relationships and might even question their own worth and value. In addition, they may not be willing to follow company policies and procedures. As a result, the benefits of hiring family members for a business should be carefully considered before making this decision. Many small business owners are approached by friends and family members to take jobs. This can be a good idea, but it should be done with caution. This is because the relationship could be affected if the employee is hired directly from the family. If you want to hire a family member, however, make sure that they are experienced in the field you are looking for. hiring family and friends for businesses Despite the benefits of hiring a family member or friend for a job, it should not be used as a solution for hiring problems. It can also backfire. The problem arises when the employee or friend is unable to separate their personal and professional relationship. It is therefore best to avoid this kind of situation. While this strategy might work well for some businesses, it can also be detrimental for others. It can be difficult to hold family members to high standards if you want to avoid a sense of nepotism and improve the quality of your business. You should be sure to write a thorough job description for family members and friends if you are planning on hiring them for your business. Working with family and friends could be beneficial, but it is important to be cautious and be sure that you have clear boundaries and expectations. It is also important to note that working with family members is legal and has specific tax requirements. However, it is important to set up the situation in such a way that the relationship is healthy and the business gets the best results from the employee.

5 Essential HR Policies Every Small Businesses Needs

HR is an integral component of every successful business and organisation, as this department manages the workforce and even a small business should have specific HR policies in place.

Here are the most important HR policies that should be in place for a small business.

  1. Employee attendance policy – This should clearly state disciplinary measures to be taken when employees are late or absent from work. The document should also inform the employee about ways to contact management when they are going to be late or absent. If you would like to outsource your HR needs to a specialist agency, talk to the professionals at, where all the solutions can be found. All employees should give notice when they wish to take time off, when possible, while booking annual leave well in advance.
  2. Leave of absence policy – Every employee is entitled to annual leave with pay and you should have clear policies regarding this, making sure that all employees know their rights and entitlements in this regard. The HR agency has a team of employment law experts who create professional policy documents for their clients, and they also offer a 24/7 hotline, when you can seek the advice of a labour law
  3. Health & safety policy – Of course, every organisation must comply with the government health & safety protocols and the best way to ensure total compliance is to hire the services of a leading HR agency, one that services your industry. Staff training is essential and if you are looking for startup HR services in the UK or in your country, there are agencies that can manage all your health & safety needs. Health & safety inspectors can turn up at your place of business unannounced to carry out an inspection and there are heavy penalties for companies that fail to comply.
  4. Payroll & timekeeping policy – It is important that there are clear guidelines for payroll and timekeeping, which would include payment methods and frequency of payment, plus detail about bonus and overtime payments. This kind of information should be in an employee welcome pack, which every new employee should receive upon acceptance by the employer.
  5. Terms & conditions of employment – It is essential that your terms and conditions of employment are clear and in keeping with labour laws. This should include information on disciplinary measures, plus details of job description and a code of conduct. If you have a clear and easy to understand document for employees to read and sign, this will reduce the risk of employee conflicts.


Of course, there are other policies that might be required, but the above list is considered to be essential for every business and organisation. If you would like a free appraisal from a reliable HR agency, make contact and they would be happy to carry out a needs assessment.

If you are experiencing HR issues with a new business, why not enlist the help of a leading HR agency and let them manage your workforce.

Why the Welfare-to-Work Scheme is Essential for People Looking to Change Their Lives

The welfare-to-work scheme is definitely something that more people should take advantage of. If you’re looking for a way to change your life for the better, then going through the welfare-to-work program is a great way to do it. There are plenty of benefits to taking this step, and it can really help to set you on the right path. So if you’re thinking about making a change, be sure to check out what the welfare-to-work scheme has to offer. You won’t regret it!

Provides an Opportunity for People to Get Their Lives Back on Track

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The welfare-to-work scheme provides an opportunity for people to get their lives back on track. If you’re stuck in a rut, this program can help you get out of it. It gives you the chance to learn new skills and find employment. This can be a stepping stone towards a better future for participants. The scheme can provide a much-needed boost for people who are struggling to make ends meet.

Gives People the Chance to Learn New Skills and Find Employment

 This is a great way to break the cycle of welfare dependency and improve your personal circumstances. It’s an important part of the government’s commitment to tackling poverty and ensuring that everyone has a fair chance in life. The scheme offers a wide range of training and support options, so there are plenty of opportunities to learn new skills and get started in a new career. And with the help of the scheme, you can take steps toward breaking the cycle of poverty and achieving financial independence.

Helps People to Break the Cycle of Welfare Dependency

It can be difficult to break the cycle of welfare dependency. However, the welfare-to-work scheme can help people to make a fresh start. The program provides support and advice to help people find work. It also offers financial assistance to help with the costs of starting work, such as child care. The scheme is an important part of the government’s commitment to tackling poverty and ensuring that everyone has a fair chance in life. By providing support and opportunities, the welfare-to-work scheme helps people to break the cycle of welfare dependency and build a better future for themselves and their families.

Can Provide a Stepping Stone Towards a Better Future

For many people, the scheme has been a lifeline, providing them with the opportunity to turn their lives around. It offers hope for a brighter future and the chance to build a better life for yourself and your family. If you are struggling to make ends meet, then the welfare-to-work scheme could be just what you need to get back on your feet. There is no shame in seeking help, and the sooner you take advantage of the scheme, the sooner you can start making positive changes in your life. So if you are struggling, don’t hesitate to reach out and ask for help. The welfare-to-work scheme could be just what you need to get back on track and start building a better future for yourself and your family.

Helps to Reduce the Cost of Welfare Payments

The welfare-to-work scheme can help to reduce the cost of welfare payments. This is a great way to save taxpayers money in the long term. The program is an important part of the government’s commitment to tackling poverty and ensuring that everyone has a fair chance in life.

A welfare-to-work scheme is an essential tool for helping people change their lives. It provides the opportunity to learn new skills, gain work experience, and connect with employers. This program has been successful in helping many people find jobs and improve their lives. If you are looking for a way to change your life, consider participating in the welfare-to-work scheme.

HR & How It Can Help With Business Challenges In 2022

The past few years have been very stressful for all business owners, with many small and medium companies having to close their doors for good. Now we are moving out of the pandemic and everything is opening up again. There are a number of challenges on the horizon, some of which are related to HR.

Returning To The Office

Many employees have spent a year or longer working from home and coming back to the office work environment can be a bit daunting. The pandemic forced many companies to send staff home, indeed, some have decided to maintain working remotely, due to the reduction of running costs and if your staff are returning from a long stint of working at home, be a little forgiving and all will be well.

Social Distancing

This may or may not be in place, depending on where your business premises is located; you could make good use of the 24 hour HR advice line for UK employers from a leading HR consultancy. An online search would lead you to a similar service in your area. It is important that you are fully compliant with the complex health and safety regulations. When you forge a working alliance with a leading HR agency, you can deal with anything. Hopefully, we have seen the end of the pandemic and we can get back to some form of normality.

In-House Staff Training

If you want to keep your best workers, you should be offering on the job training and access to college courses that lead to personal development. This is something the HR agency can handle and your business benefits greatly when employees learn new things, which helps to keep your key employees motivated and on track.

Hiring Staff

As you would expect, a percentage of employees who have been working from home will hand in their notice, so you will need the expertise of your HR department to source the best candidates. They screen all applicants, leaving you with an interview shortlist, so you have the final say. When you place an ad in the local newspaper, the only people who see it are unemployed; the best people register with a top recruitment agency, looking for the right position.

Seasonal Labour Needs

Some businesses are seasonal and that could mean needing to hire 20 temp workers for several months; of course, time is of the essence and the recruitment agency has you covered. It is important to do everything by the book when hiring temp staff, which is why you should outsource all your HR needs to a leading agency.

Filling In For Staff Leave

This can be a major headache, especially when you forgot that your manager is having a 3-week break. This is a time to seek out a leading HR agency, such as Avensure who have many top stand-in managers on their books to fill that gap.

You should keep abreast of the current COVID-19 status by checking the government website. By joining forces with a leading HR agency, you can strive for growth in 2022.

Know All About Securing Your Rights on Welfare-To-Work

Welfare schemes to uplift the unemployed and poverty-stricken section of the society have always proved beneficial to support a large population for their basic needs. Though illiterate and unemployed adults get food stamps and minimal cash for survival, it isn’t a sustainable goal to develop the overall society.

Welfare-to-work thus came forth to educate, train and employ such beneficiaries in several skilled and unskilled jobs. What right do you think this program provides? If you are a welfare beneficiary, here are the most crucial factors to ensure your rights on welfare-to-work!

Welfare schemes

• Work and training hours should be according to your welfare scheme

As welfare-to-work enrolls all the adults for basic job training and skill enhancement, you need to check if your timings are according to your welfare eligibility. For example, single parents have to attend for 20-30 hours, whereas family adults need to work for up to 40 hours per week.

• Skills according to your education levels

While enrolling for welfare-to-work or even the welfare scheme in any American state, the officials should note and assess your education and academic background. Your job training should be at par with your current skills to obtain a suitable job. Say, if you have completed your degree course, you shouldn’t be in a program designed for school graduates.

• Ensuring child care expenses

You are eligible to approach for basic child care scheme if you have a child (or children) under 13 years. While you will be away for training sessions or job hunting, financial and child caretakers’ aid will be provided to take care of your child. You can also extend this right if you are employed and need to work for prolonged hours.

• Financial support while seeking jobs

Apart from skill training and job orientation, the welfare-to-work scheme is also responsible for helping you in seeking a suitable job. You have to right to ask for job-hunting assistance, transportation, resume writing, and personal development. According to your eligibility in the welfare program (i.e., depending on your provisions and sanctions), you can avail monetary support for all these necessities.

• Job security and minimum wages guarantee

Just getting a job in any field and office isn’t the whole job done as you have to ensure if the job is sustainable for a long time. All the welfare-to-work participants have the ultimate right to get minimum wages and enjoy a decent and secured work environment as declared in the civil rights act.

• Right to access job retention support

Even after you are employed, you have the right to enroll in job retention clubs supported by the welfare-to-work program in your state for long-term support. If you seek career advancement, you can freely approach them for in-depth analysis, special personality development programs, and extra professional training to level up your skills.

Welfare program

• Are you eligible for the welfare program still?

Do you think you will lose your welfare scheme card once you are employed? It’s not always so, as you can still need additional support to fulfill all your family’s basic needs. Depending on your social status, family, and salary per month, you can still access several financial and judicial support from the welfare schemes.

Withhold Consent Brilliant letter to withhold or withdraw consent from DWP Work Programme Providers/Subcontractors

If you are referred to a Subcontractor, it is very important to give a copy of this letter to the Prime Provider as well.

RE: Authority and Consent to Collecting/Gathering/Sharing/Disclosure of my Personal Information*

Part 1: Any Third Party, Outcome related payments and In-Work Support

As a DWP Work Programme Provider and/or Subcontractor, I write to confirm that I do not or no longer consent to [Provider’s and or/Subcontractor’s name] gathering or sharing my personal data, with any Third Party, for example an employer or another training provider, for the purpose of placing me into training/work and obtaining outcome-related payments from DWP, as there is no specific legislative “enabler” that gives [Provider’s and or/Subcontractor’s name] the Power to do this.

I confirm that I do not agree to any in-work support, contact with any employer or my progress in any employment to be tracked, including starting or leaving any job, for the purposes of [Provider’s and or/Subcontractor’s name] making any Job Outcome or Sustainment Outcome payment claims to the DWP.

Once I stop claiming Jobseeker’s Allowance I require you to desist from all forms of contact with me, as under Part 2, 5. (2) (b) of The Jobseeker’s Allowance (Employment, Skills and Enterprise Scheme) Regulations 2011,[1] my participation in the Work Programme ceases to apply.

Part 2: Collection and retention of my personal data

Customer Consent to Sharing/Disclosure of Personal Information

“Providers are reminded that they are required to obtain customer consent prior to their collecting of customer’s personal information and sharing/disclosure of such information with the Department [DWP/Jobcentre] and/or other providers.

These consents must be given by the customer before any information disclosure takes place.

Your organisation needs to make it clear to customers that giving consent is voluntary and that refusal to give consent or withdrawal of an existing consent will not affect any benefit they may be entitled to.” Memo to DWP Providers (copy enclosed/attached)

Whilst the above memo was written in 2008, it relies on the basic Principles of the 1998 Data Protection Act and therefore remains as valid today as then.

On occasion I may not wish to allow [Provider’s and or/Subcontractor’s name] to collect/retain requested personal data that requires my specific, fully informed and freely given consent, therefore under the Employment, Skills and Enterprise (ESE) Scheme. [Provider’s and or/Subcontractor’s name] needs to investigate ways in which I can still participate in the ESE Scheme, without the personal data being collected/retained by [Provider’s and or/Subcontractor’s name]. [2]

If [Provider’s and or/Subcontractor’s name] wishes to collect/retain personal data not already held by the Department of Work and Pensions/Jobcentre Plus (DWP/JCP), please fully inform me in writing whether this collection or retention requires my consent. If you consider collection and retention of specific personal data of mine is a reasonable mandatory ESE Scheme activity, you are required to issue me with a Mandatory Activity Notification (MAN) [3] which clearly names the precise and specific personal data you want to collect/retain, to ensure certain policy, procedural and legal regulations are adhered to.

Part 3: To provide my personal data by only having to show it.

It may at times be a reasonable ESE Scheme mandatory activity for me to only show/provide [Provider’s and or/Subcontractor’s name] personal data specifically requested, you are required to issue me with a MAN which clearly names the precise and specific personal data you want me to show/provide, to ensure certain policy, procedural and legal regulations are adhered to.

Part 4: Evidence of employment

To restate I do not/no longer consent or authorise [Provider’s and or/Subcontractor’s name] or the Department of Work and Pensions or Jobcentre Plus to contact any employer to obtain evidence of my employment.

On 28th January 2013 ‘DWP Provider Guidance Chapter 5′ [4] guidance was updated, it confirms that my Written and Informed Consent is required before gathering or sharing my personal data, with any employer.

Part 5: DWP Memo WP029: Managing Disclosure of Information Objections

This letter is not about DWP disclosure of my personal data under section 3 of the Social Security Act 1998. Or your role as a DWP Data Processor under the Data Protection Act 1998. DWP Memo WP029 [5] does not address Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 or Part 4 of this letter.

Part 6: My disclosure to a Third Party

If [Provider’s and or/Subcontractor’s name] reasonably requires me to disclose my personal data with any specific Third Party,[6] for example an employer for the purposes of applying for a job or another training provider to assist me become more work ready, please supply me with sufficient written information and a MAN so I can share my personal data, with the Third Party myself.

Part 7: Your letter reply and potential complaint

I expect a letter from [Provider’s and or/Subcontractor’s name], within 10 working days, to formally acknowledge that I have withheld/withdrawn my consent specifically outlined in Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3 above. Failure to acknowledge my consent being withheld/withdrawn by letter will be treated as a Stage 1 formal Data Protection Act (1998) related Complaint.

Universal Jobmatch: Your Rights

Do not tick the boxes below, when you create a Universal Jobmatch account. Use can be made mandatory via a Jobseeker’s Direction.

Do not tick

DWP confirmed you can revoke consent, by unticking above boxes at any time,

DWP internal guidance:
01/03/13 FAQ, Toolkit of 22/03/13 and it’s Cookies (web tracking) leaflet the Equality Impact Assessment and nearly 200 project updates (disclosed 21/3/13).

Q1: Do I have to use my home computer to register on or use Universal Jobmatch?
A: No
At present you can only be required to register and use it on a Jobcentre Internet Access Device (IAD), it one exists, this is due to the fact that you do not have to consent to web tracking cookies on any other IAD (Home, Library, Internet Cafe, Mobile etc), for more information see DWP guide on cookies:

Q2: Do I have to log in to search for jobs?
A: No

(Make sure you are not logged in and you have deleted/cleared cookies, before & after use, to ensure better anonymity)

Background information:

05/03/13 update: DWP information for ‘Advisers and intermediaries’

“If after the Jobcentre Plus adviser has explained the benefits of the service to them, the claimant still refuses to use Universal Jobmatch, the adviser may then consider whether it is reasonable to issue a ‘Jobseeker’s Direction’ to mandate them to create a profile and upload a public CV on Universal Jobmatch.”

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