Know All About Securing Your Rights on Welfare-To-Work

Know All About Securing Your Rights on Welfare-To-Work

Welfare schemes to uplift the unemployed and poverty-stricken section of the society have always proved beneficial to support a large population for their basic needs. Though illiterate and unemployed adults get food stamps and minimal cash for survival, it isn’t a sustainable goal to develop the overall society.

Welfare-to-work thus came forth to educate, train and employ such beneficiaries in several skilled and unskilled jobs. What right do you think this program provides? If you are a welfare beneficiary, here are the most crucial factors to ensure your rights on welfare-to-work!

Welfare schemes

• Work and training hours should be according to your welfare scheme

As welfare-to-work enrolls all the adults for basic job training and skill enhancement, you need to check if your timings are according to your welfare eligibility. For example, single parents have to attend for 20-30 hours, whereas family adults need to work for up to 40 hours per week.

• Skills according to your education levels

While enrolling for welfare-to-work or even the welfare scheme in any American state, the officials should note and assess your education and academic background. Your job training should be at par with your current skills to obtain a suitable job. Say, if you have completed your degree course, you shouldn’t be in a program designed for school graduates.

• Ensuring child care expenses

You are eligible to approach for basic child care scheme if you have a child (or children) under 13 years. While you will be away for training sessions or job hunting, financial and child caretakers’ aid will be provided to take care of your child. You can also extend this right if you are employed and need to work for prolonged hours.

• Financial support while seeking jobs

Apart from skill training and job orientation, the welfare-to-work scheme is also responsible for helping you in seeking a suitable job. You have to right to ask for job-hunting assistance, transportation, resume writing, and personal development. According to your eligibility in the welfare program (i.e., depending on your provisions and sanctions), you can avail monetary support for all these necessities.

• Job security and minimum wages guarantee

Just getting a job in any field and office isn’t the whole job done as you have to ensure if the job is sustainable for a long time. All the welfare-to-work participants have the ultimate right to get minimum wages and enjoy a decent and secured work environment as declared in the civil rights act.

• Right to access job retention support

Even after you are employed, you have the right to enroll in job retention clubs supported by the welfare-to-work program in your state for long-term support. If you seek career advancement, you can freely approach them for in-depth analysis, special personality development programs, and extra professional training to level up your skills.

Welfare program

• Are you eligible for the welfare program still?

Do you think you will lose your welfare scheme card once you are employed? It’s not always so, as you can still need additional support to fulfill all your family’s basic needs. Depending on your social status, family, and salary per month, you can still access several financial and judicial support from the welfare schemes.