Universal Jobmatch: Your Rights

Universal Jobmatch: Your Rights

Do not tick the boxes below, when you create a Universal Jobmatch account. Use can be made mandatory via a Jobseeker’s Direction.

Do not tick

DWP confirmed you can revoke consent, by unticking above boxes at any time,

DWP internal guidance:
01/03/13 FAQ, Toolkit of 22/03/13 and it’s Cookies (web tracking) leaflet the Equality Impact Assessment and nearly 200 project updates (disclosed 21/3/13).

Q1: Do I have to use my home computer to register on or use Universal Jobmatch?
A: No
At present you can only be required to register and use it on a Jobcentre Internet Access Device (IAD), it one exists, this is due to the fact that you do not have to consent to web tracking cookies on any other IAD (Home, Library, Internet Cafe, Mobile etc), for more information see DWP guide on cookies:

Q2: Do I have to log in to search for jobs?
A: No

(Make sure you are not logged in and you have deleted/cleared cookies, before & after use, to ensure better anonymity)

Background information:

05/03/13 update: DWP information for ‘Advisers and intermediaries’

“If after the Jobcentre Plus adviser has explained the benefits of the service to them, the claimant still refuses to use Universal Jobmatch, the adviser may then consider whether it is reasonable to issue a ‘Jobseeker’s Direction’ to mandate them to create a profile and upload a public CV on Universal Jobmatch.”